Ruby loves Future School (published FuturemindS, June 2005)

Nine-year-old Ruby de San Miguel has achieved wonderful academic results since enrolling with Future School two years ago.

The Western Australian student said she was initially encouraged by her mother to try Future School, and noticed a change immediately. Ruby found she could reinforce her school lessons by watching the video tutorials and completing the accompanying exercises after class.

'I didn't understand what the teacher was saying at school, so I'd come home and watch Future School and I understood,' said Ruby.

Ruby says Future Schools Learning System is a great way to study as it is easy to use and 'you've got the teacher right there'.

'I understand a lot more of my maths,' she said. This was proven when Ruby recently earnt a maths Certificate of Achievement from Future School.

Ruby's English grammar skills are also improving. She was recently presented with a Literacy Award at her primary school.

Ruby added that the program has also improved her computer skills.

The ambitious year four student believes that Future School will help her achieve her goal of getting a scholarship at a prestigious grammar high school. Ruby later hopes to become a legal secretary.

We are sure that Ruby's hard work and determination will see her continue to achieve. Congratulations Ruby!

(c) 2006 Lauren Katulka