I am a happily married thirty-something writer living on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. I'm an editor and proofreader by day, while by night I enjoy seeing live music or films, cooking great food, attending pub trivia and - of course - writing.

I have enjoyed words for as long as I can remember. My mother is still proud to tell people I was 'reading' glossy women's magazines as a toddler. I would spend hours turning the pages, enjoying the pictures and absorbing the publications.

A little later I taught myself to read. Much to their chagrin, my parents would often find me watching adult foreign films on television, reading along with the subtitles.

I wrote throughout school, initially to impress the teachers wth my vocabulary, then obsessively as a teenager desperate to express herself. I've never lost that infatuation with words or their power.

Instead I looked to hone their effectiveness through studying a Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies) at The University of Newcastle. Firstly at undergraduate level, then as an honours student, I thrived on the diversity of tackling essays, screenplays, creative pieces and more.

I took my refined skills and applied them in my professional life, firstly as a motorcycle journalist, and then as chief editor and proofreader at an educational software firm. These regular jobs complemented volunteer and paid freelance work until I took the plunge and became a fulltime freeelance writer.

Throughout my professional and personal life, writing has always been my centre.